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Discussion Forum

by MCS
version 1.2:   15 November  2018

The discussion forum (Forum) is located at

You may comment or reply to comments about the material on this site at that location.

You should also use the Forum to contact the administrator(s) of the MCS website. Simply post your message to the WordPress site. We have adopted this approach to enhance security as well as to minimize administrative maintenance.

The link to the Forum is located in the menu at the top of this page and on every other page of this site.

We have chosen to designate the Forum as a private site under the auspices of To join the discussion on

1. You must have a account (free).

2. You must request permission to join the Forum.

This is a simple matter. The first time you attempt to access the Forum site, will provide you with the necessary instructions. Once you have opened a WordPress account you will be asked to submit a request to join the Forum. This request will be sent to the Forum administrator(s) who will be happy to admit you. To remain a member we request that your first post be an introduction to yourself. This intro should include your full name and a verifiable email address. When you sign up for a WordPress account, please include a photo. Those are the only mandatory requirements. If you would like to share any other information, such as your background and interests, we would be pleased to read about them. The above information is requested to help eliminate spammers, trolls, and malware from accessing the Forum site.

WordPress does a pretty good job at keeping a private site private. Your personal information will not be mined or utilized for any other purpose. In addition the site is free from all advertising.

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