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last updated 2019-10-21

Term Description
API See Application Programming Interface.
Application Programming Interface For our purposes you may think of it as the documentation describing the library of classes that extend the architecture of the Java Programming Language (or any othe language for that matter).
bytecode The name given to the code produced by the Java compiler that is stored in files with the extension .class. Bytecode is an assembly languge style of code designed to run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Bytecode is the ultimate arbiter to consult when there is some ambiguity about what the Java source code — from which the bytecode was produced — is asking the computer system to do, and just how it wants the activity to be carried out.
CMD See: Command Console
CMD Shell See: Command Console
Command Console A Windows utility that allows the user to enter line by line commands to the operating system.
Command Prompt See: Command Console
current directory

1. The name of the folder holding the files and folders that are viewable using the dir command of the Command Console.

2. The contents of that folder.

directory A set of folders and filessin you file system that are arranged in a hierarchical order. The topmost folder in this hierarchy corresponds to the name of this set.
Environment Variables A set variables that detemine the operating characeristics of your Windows OS. These are available in the Envirinmnet Variables dialogue for easy editing.
IDE See: Integrated Development Environment
Integrated Development Environment A program with a GUI designed for writing, editing, compiling, running, debugging , and packaging computer programs, for one or programming languages.
JDK Java Development Kit. A comprehensive programming environment package supplied by the Oracle Corporation for creating executable Java code,
namespace A naming convention for a subset of identifiers designed to provide for the unique identification of its members throughout the universal set. Typically implemented as a tree.
package In the Java programming language, the implementation of a namespace as a branch of a hierarchical tree. Packages act as containers for code files that are designed to solve problems related to the same or similar topics.
parent directory In a directory hierchy it is the folder just above the current directory.
Path variable One of many Environment Variables that determines the location of program components within your file system.
Power Shell Souped up version of the Command Console
search bar Windows 10 feature. A field located in the taskbar for entering searchable keywords. Resuts will be displayed to the screem.
search box See: search bar
subdirectory In a directory hierarchy the folder or its contents directly below the current directory.
Windows CMD environment See: Command Console
Windows Terminal Latest souped up version of the Power Shell