Table: Biosystems Studies Year One v1.5








Steven Strogatz

The Joy of x:

A guided tour of math, from one to infinity

Keith Devlin


The new golden age


W. W. Sawyer

Prelude to Mathematics


G. H. Hardy

A Mathematician's Apology


Sarah Flannery

In Code:

A mathematical journey


Jeremy Kun
A Programmer's Introduction to Mathematics

ch 01: Like Programming, Mathematics has a Culture

ch 07: The Many Subcultures of Mathematics




William P. Thurston

Mathematical Education



William P. Thurston

On Proof and Progress in Mathematics


John Vince

Mathematics for Computer Graphics






Patrick J. Hurley

Logic: A Concise Introduction, 12th ed.



Daniel J. Velleman

How to Prove It:

A structured approach

ch 01: Sential Logic

ch 02: Quantificational Logic

ch 03: Proofs

ch 06: Mathematical Induction

Antonella Cupillari

The Nuts and Bolts of Proofs




Lara Alcock

How to Study as a Mathematics Major

Keith Devlin

Introduction to Mathematical Thinking


Laura Alcock

How to Think About Analysis

    Real Analysis

Stephen Abbott

Understanding Analysis, 2nd ed.


Terence Tao

Analysis I, 3rd ed.

Terence Tao

Analysis II, 3rd ed.


Edmund Landau

Foundations of Analysis


Jeremy Kun
A Programmer's Introduction to Mathematics

ch 02: Polynomials

ch 03: On Pace and Patience




Linear Algebra

Philip N. Klein

Coding the Matrix:

Linear Algebra through Computer Science Applications, 1st ed.

Stephen Friedberg

Introduction to Linear Algebra with Applications, 1st ed.



Seymour Lipschutz

Schaum's Outline Series

Theory and Problems of Linear Algebra


Jeremy Kun
A Programmer's Introduction to Mathematics

ch 09: On Types and Tail Calls

ch 10: Linear Algebra

ch 11: Live and Learn Linear Algebra
ch 12: Eignevalues and Eigenvectors






Bernard Kolman

Discrete Mathematical Structures, 4th ed.

Seymour Lipschutz

Schaum's Outline Series

Discrete Mathematics, 2nd ed.



The Great Courses

Arthur T. Benjamin

Discrete Mathematics

Arthur T. Benjamin

The Great Courses: Course Guidebook

Discrete Mathematics


Allan M. Stavely

Programming and Mathematical Thinking:

A Gentle Introduction to Discrete Math Featuring Python





Amit Saha

Doing Math with Python:

Use Programming to explore algebra, statistics, calculus, and more

(ch5: Playing with Sets and Probability)


Jeremy Kun
A Programmer's Introduction to Mathematics
ch 04: Sets

Charles Pinter

A Book of Set Theory


Kenneth W. Ford

Basic Physics

ch 01: The scientist's view of the world

ch 02: Elementary Particles

ch 03: The large and the small

ch 04: Conservation laws

ch 05: Mathematics in science

ch 06: Vectors

ch 07: Units, functions, and graphs

ch 28: The progress of science

Leonard Susskind

The Theoretical Minimum:

What you need to know to start doing physics

ch 01: The nature of classical physics


James Gleick

Isaac Newton


Richard Feynman

The Character of Physical Law


Carlo Rovelli

Seven Brief Lessons On Physics


Andrew Thomas

Hidden In Plain Sight 3:

The secret of time



Information Theory

James V. Stone

Information Theory:

A Tutorial Introduction

Luciano Floridi


A Very Short Introduction


Thomas R. Gruber

The Acquisition of Strategic Knowledge









Inorganic Chemistry

Peter Atlins

Chemical Principles:

The Quest for Insight, 5th ed.

Peter Atkins


A Very Short Introduction






Loretta Jones

Bridging to the Lab:

Media Connecting Chemistry Concepts with Practice




DVD: The Great Courses

Ron B. Davis

Chemistry and Our Universe

How it All Works:

Ron B. Davis

The Great Courses: Course Guidebook

Chemistry and Our Universe:

How it All Works:





Adrian Dingle

The Elements:

A tour of the periodic table




Michael J. Pilling

Reaction Kinetics









General Biology

Jane B. Reece

Campbell Biology, 10th ed.






The Great Courses

Stephen Nowicki

Biology: The Science of Life

Stephen Nowicki

The Great Courses: Course Guidebook

Biology: The Science of Life




Health: Cancer

Robert A. Weinberg

The Biology of Cancer, 2nd ed.

Lauren Pecorino

Molecular Biology of Cancer:

Mechanisms, targets, and Therapeutics



Health: Aging

Roger B. McDonald

Biology of Aging





Health: Immunology

Judith Owen

Kuby Immunology, 7th ed.





Charles Graeber

The Breakthrough:

Immunotherapy and the race to cure cancer.





Rene Chee

Curing Cancer with Immunotherapy




Health: Nutrition

Sareen S. Gropper

Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism




Molecular Biology

David P. Clark

Molecular Biology

Bruce Alberts

Molecular Biology of the Cell, 6th ed.




Paul Davies

The Demon in the Machine:

How hidden webs of information are solving the mystery of life





David P. Clark

Biotechnology, 2nd ed.





Thomas M. Nordlund

An Introduction to Biophysics:

Quantitative Understanding of Biosystems




Systems Biology

Eberhard O. Voit

A First Course in Systems Biology

Eberhard O.  Voit

The Inner Workings of Life:

Vignettes in Systems Biology









Java Programming Language

Cay S. Horstmann

Core Java SE 9 for the Impatient. 2nd ed.

Cay S. Horstmann

Core Java:

Volume I — Fundamentals, 11th ed.





Cay S. Horstman

Core Java:

Volume II —  Advanced Features, 11th ed.



Ken Arnold

The Java Programming Language, 4th ed.


Herbert Schildt


The Complete Reference, 11th ed.

NIcolai Parlog
The Java Module System




Programming in Java

Robert Sedgewick
Computer Science:
An interdisciplinary approach

ch 01: Elements of Programming

ch 02: Functions and Modules

ch 03: Object Oriented Programming

ch 04: Algorithms and Data Structures




Robert Sedgewick
Computer Science:
An interdisciplinary approach

lec 01-10




Python Programming Language

Charles Russell Severance

Python for Everybody:

Exploring Data in Python 3

Mark Lutz

Python Pocket Reference:

Python in your pocket




Jesse M. Kinder

A Student's Guide to Python for Physical Modeling


    Programming in Python

Robert Sedgewick

Introduction to Programming in Python:

An interdisciplinary approach

    Introduction To Computer Science

Robert Sedgewick
Computer Science:
An interdisciplinary approach
ch 05: Theory of Computing
ch 06: A Computing Machine
ch 07: Building a Computing Device




Robert Sedgewick
Computer Science:
An interdisciplinary approach

lec 11-20

      Chris Bernhardt
Turing's Vision: The Birth of Computer Science
George Dyson
Turing's Cathedral:
The origins of the digital universe

Jeremy Kun
A Programmer's Introduction to Mathematics

ch 05: Variable Names, Overloading, and Your Brain

ch 13: Rigor and formality

ch 15: The Argument for Big-O Notation


Robert Sedgewick

Algorithms, 4th ed.

Robert Sedgewick

Algorithms in Java, 3rd ed.

Parts 1-4:

Fundamentals, Data Structures, Sorting, Searching





The MathWorks

PDF Documentation for MATLAB:


Desktop tools and development environment


Java and Python API reference

MAT-File format




Graphics: MATLAB

MATLAB Graphics, op. cit.


    UML Russ Miles
Learning UML 2.0
ch 04: Modeling a Systems's Logical Structure:
Introducing classes and class diagrams
ch 05: Modeling a System's Logical Structure:
Advanced Class Diagrams
ch 06: Bringing Your Classes to Life:
Object Diagrams











Mark Newman

Networks: An Introduction

Peter H. O'N. Roe Networks and Systems




Edward D. Lazowska

Quantitative System Performance:

Computer system analysis using queueing network models





Daphne Koller

Probabilistic Graphical Models:

Principles and Techniques









David Epstein

Why generalists triumph in a specialized world


  PSYCHOLOGY Human Nature  

Edward O. Wilson

On Human Nature